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Djembe 14 cali, Djembe 11 cali, Djembe 8 cali
       Djembee is made of white wood covered with goat leather. Its double binding ensures high quality sound.

       Djembe are inherent in African culture from ritual dances to religious rites to entertainment.

       Djembe is also a way of living as it gives African people a rhythm and fills them with positive energy.
gotowy Djembe
gotowy Djembe
gotowy Djembe
      Our Djembes come in the following sizes: 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 inches.
  Djembe 14 cali, Djembe 13 cali, Djembe 12 cali, Djembe 11 cali, Djembe 10 cali, Djembe 9 cali, Djembe 8 cali
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